One of the most exciting programs heading to the DC streaming service is the live-action Swamp Thing. Today we got some great news from people who were afraid that the actual Swamp Thing would be a cheap looking CG effect.

In a new interview with Slashfilm, series writer Gary Dauberman gave some updates on how Swamp Thing will look.

“Swamp Thing himself looks incredible […] So it’s going to look amazing and less of the “man in a suit” that you’ve seen in the movie and the other TV show. We always set out to make Swamp Thing as hard R as we could and go graphic with the violence, with the adult themes and make it as scary as possible. Because we’re doing it through the DC streaming service, they really pushed us, although they didn’t have to push hard, for us to go as extreme as we could. We really took our inspiration from the Alan Moore run in Swamp Thing, this landmark I think run. Fans of that series will know it gets pretty weird and extreme and scary.”

While we don’t currently have casting for Swamp Thing himself, we do know that Crystal Reed and Maria Sten have been cast as Abby Arcane and Liz Tremayne.

Source: Slashfilm