Flash Gordon has been around since the 1930’s, but he hasn’t really made it to the mainstream since. The character’s most notable recent adventure was in the 1980 film which is probably known more for the Soundtrack by Queen than it is for the actual movie. There were also a couple of attempts to bring the character back on TV through both the old animated series Defenders of The Earth and a couple of short-lived live action shows. Now, Thor: Ragnarok/ Jojo Rabbit Director, Taika Waititi has signed on to develop the project as a new animated film for FOX and Disney.

While his representatives haven’t said in what capacity he will be connected to the film, Deadline is reporting that he’ll be writing and directing. If this happens, it means that the curse of the franchise might finally be over. Before the Disney buyout, FOX had been trying to develop Flash Gordon for years.

The last big name directed to the film was Kingsman’s Matt Vaughn who bailed from the project in 2015 after claiming that Waititi’s Guardians Of the Galaxy was too close to the idea he had planned for the film. So, maybe this is just fate. One thing is for sure. They better find a way to slip in some of the music Queen wrote for the 1980 film!