If you haven’t seen Hasbro’s BotBots, you are missing out on the most adorable additions to the Transformers Family. While most transformers hide as cars, planes, or other vehicles, the BotBots hide as more everyday items like cameras, journals, and even tacos. Today, Hasbro has unveiled a special Comic-Con exclusive set that features ten new Botbots that are all inspired by the Comic-Con experience.

The new ten-pack of Transformers Botbots is called the Con Crew. They are a team of Comic-Con experts that are ready to take on the con. The figures are split into three groups: the celebrity-obsessed MEET N’ GREETS, experts in photo ops and autographs, the energizing FANTASTIC FUELERS, experts in powering through the Con, and the LINE LEAGUE, experts in surviving the many long Comic-Con lines. As an added bonus, many of them are also cosplaying as everything from Kaiju to Galactus, and even as Optimus Prime Himself. As with Comic-Con itself, the one important item that seems to be missing is deodorant.

Here’s a break-down of the three times:

The Line League:
– CAPTAIN CARTRIDGE the superhero handheld game
– VIGITENTE the tent
– CON-PACKTOR the backpack

The Fantastic Fuellers:
– COFEEMUS PRIME the coffee cup dressed as Optimus Prime
– CAB O’NATE the energy drink
– HAL A. PENO the spicy chips
– SUMTHIN’ FISHY the fish taco.

The Meet N’ Greets:
– SCRIBZILLA the marker
– BOTARAZZI the camera
– INKY INKERSON the graphic novel.

Source: Collider