Jaron Pitts who created the fantastic fan trailer for “Green Lantern” staring Nathan Fillion is back again with another amazing fan trailer mashup. This time it’s for a live-action adaptation of Serbian comic-cum-anime called Technotise.

Similar to his Green Lantern trailer, Technotise is pieced together with clips and voice overs from several existing sci-fi and fantasy films. It stars Milla Jovovich (A Perfect Getaway, Resident Evil) as the ill-fated heroine implanted with a black market military chip that makes her the most wanted fugitive. It’s got cyber punk and techno written all over it.

According to the information listed on the YouTube page, this Technotise fan trailer was created at the request of some producers looking to bring the project to Hollywood. /Film has identified them as producers Scott Glassgold and Raymond Brothers who are actively trying to get this film made. So is this a preclude to what’s to come? If it does it get made can we expect Milla Jovovic? One can only hope. It certainly seems like something up her ally.

Source: From YBMW reader Davis via cinematical