A couple of weeks ago the bombshell was dropped that actress Megan Fox (Transformers) was cast in Paramount’s and producer Michael Bay’s upcoming “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle” reboot. Naturally, the collective turtles community went into full on turtle nerd rage. While we’ve all heard the positive comments from co-creator Kevin Eastman, who’s involved in the project, the same cannot be said for co-creator Peter Laird.

From his personal blog, Laird recently lashed out at the poor casting choice saying:

My only exposure to Megan Fox as an actress is through her role in two “Transformers” movies and the wretched (but happily forgettable) “Jennifer’s Body”. It may not be fair to judge her range of acting skills just from those three movies, but I think it is safe to say that there are probably hundreds of better choices for the role of April O’Neil. Of course, her name has promotional value, and maybe that’s what they want. Who knows? I can’t get myself too worked up about it. — PL

While I’m not one to despite Fox, it’s very apparent that Fox was a miscast and her involve serves no other purpose than to drum up PR and single-handedly piss off every TMNT fan knowing fully well that we’d all probably end up going to see the film regardless of who was cast.

Ninja Turtles will begin shooting next month and is set for a June 6th, 2014 release date.

Source: peterlairdstmntblog