It was only a matter of time before the viral marketing bigwigs at Hollywood come up with creative ways to hype Terminator Salvation, one of this summer’s most anticipated movies. For those who’ve subscribed to, you probably received this email this morning:


Skynet Research is experiencing technical difficulties on our corporate website. A networking error has generated interference in the audio presentation. Do not be alarmed. Skynet Research is doing everything in our power to resolve this technical issue as quickly as possible and resume normal operation.

Visitors to the website should ignore this interference entirely.
Do not attempt to discern, repair, or otherwise tamper with the audio signal broadcasting during this time. Failure to follow this command can lead to further corrupting of the impacted data and cause further difficulty.

Skynet Research is also aware of rumors circulating that there is another explanation for this interference on the website This is false information. Skynet Research has no affiliation with this particular URL, and Skynet Research suggests all Internet users avoid altogether.

Thank you for your patience, and you can be rest assured that Skynet Research will soon return to providing services that improve life for all human beings!

We are committed to making your life different,
Skynet Research

Attached was a sped up and distorted audio clip which we were told not to discern or decipher *roll eyes* Of course, with a warning like that, you know deciphering it is going to take first priority similar to pushing the big red button with warning signs that read “DO NOT PUSH.”

Here’s the clip that we “repaired”, have a listen.


This is recon team (five three) to base. Base, do you read? Requesting extraction… I say again – we’re overdue by three days. We’re… and we’re ready to debrief. Say (again) – we’ve completed reconnaissance. We’re prepared to (set) all tech comm units on (skynet attack). Current coordinates: (Romeo 2####8). Repeat. Immediate extraction for four man team. One (injured). We’ll attempt next contact at 0800 hours…

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