MTV got the exclusive with Terrance Howard on what went down on Iron Man 2 and what his future holds when it comes to comic book movies. sadly, his comments only make me think that the rumors of him being a pain in the ass on the set were true. Check out how Howard insults Marvel, throws Gwenneth paltrow under the bus, and then loses his credibility with almost all DC fans in one fell swoop.

“I think they always wanted Don Cheadle from the very start,” Howard told MTV News, “and it’s nice that they get what they want. They could be a little nicer about it. You don’t make 800 million dollars and then try and shake everyone down. That’s not nice. They did the same thing to Gwyneth.They came in strong, heavy-handed. You know, life pays everyone back.

With his bridges thoroughly burnt at Marvel, Howard is hopping in his Waaaaaambulance and riding down to DC. While he knows deep in his heart that he has no shot at Green Lantern, he does have one DC hero in mind… Black lightning.