It’s only been a few days since the internet wet itself over Michael Fassbender in the first trailer for the upcoming Assassin’s Creed movie, but that’s not the only video game adaptation on the horizon. No, someone went out and found the most exciting and action packed video game out there, and was amazingly able to secure the movie rights. I’m talking about Tetris! WOOOOO! I guess they couldn’t come to a contract agreement with the people from Burger Time or Pa Rappa The Rapper.

Amazingly, the film has been in talks since last year and already has a budget set of $80 Million dollars. It will shoot in China, with a Chinese cast and is being billed as the first part of a sci-fi thriller trilogy.

Larry Kasanoff the film’s producer (He has previously worked on a wide variety of films that includes: True Lies, Mortal Kombat, and Ghoulies Go To College), told skeptical reporters:

“It’s not at all what you think; it will be a cool surprise.”