Prom is a special time in all teens’ lives. Honestly, I skipped mine and went to get pancakes with my friend Amanda. We ended up meeting a guy dressed like Jesus. I would say we had a better night than the folks at the dance. But this isn’t about me, this is the tale of a boy and his best feline companion.

The reality is that many people struggle to find a date for their special night. That didn’t stop Imgur user caroline12006’s brother Sam however. All he had to do was sniff out the litter box and he was set. Yup, when Sam couldn’t find a date, he decided to set the internet aflame by asking his cat, Ruby if she would do him the honor. She even got all gussied up for the occasion.

I’m trying really hard not to make a comment about if he got any “Prom night pussy.”

Source: Mashable