If you haven’t seen Rogue One: A Star Wars story yet, there might be a bit of a spoiler in here. That said, the film has almost hit $1 billion at the box office, so you’ve probably seen it at least once. If you listened to the score of the film (I know that many people felt it was too heavy handed), you definitely heard The Imperial March playing towards the end of Darth Vader’s last scene, but did you know that they also managed to sneak another bit of famous Star Wars music into the score as well?

“If you listen to the portion of “Hope” that plays when Darth Vader has the Rebels cornered, you might notice a few familiar-sounding notes thrown into what seems like a completely new composition. However, if you play the song at double the tempo, it becomes clear that a portion of Darth Vader’s signature leitmotif was included as the basis for that portion of the composition.”

Yes, it’s a small thing, but it’s cool, and now you’ve got one more bit of Star Wars trivia that most of your friends don’t.

Listen to it and see if you can hear it for yourself.

Source: Star Wars News Net