We haven’t heard any news about the upcoming Star Wars Anthology film about Boba Fett in recent months. All we really did know is that ‘Logan’ director, James Mangold was set to helm the project. It is now being reported by people who attended a special screening of Black Panther last night where Kathleen Kennedy was in attendance, that the reason we haven’t heard anything is that there’s nothing to hear. The film project is dead. As to why the film isn’t moving forward, you can bet that it’s a combination of two factors:

1. The box office failure of Solo: A Star Wars Story.
2. Jon Favreau’s ‘The Mandalorian’ series that is currently filming for the Disney Streaming Network.

Honestly, this is a good thing. Boba Fett is a cool character, but unless that film was going to start with him climbing out of the belly of the Sarlaac Pit, there’s nothing there that I wanted to see. Besides, cool as the Mandalorians are, having a TV series and a movie at the same time might be a little more over-saturation than the market can handle.

Source: Theplaylist