Do you remember Nine Lives? No? Maybe you already bleached it from your brain. It’s the movie where Christopher Walken turns Kevin Spacey into a cat. Well, from what looks like it could have come from the same well of crap comes The Boss Baby. It is a new Dreamworks animated feature that stars Alec Baldwin as a talking baby in a suit, on a mission to make sure kids get more love than puppies.

When we see trailers for movies like this, it’s like the studios are begging us to stop coming to the theaters. Stay home. Watch Netflix. Beat your head against a jagged rock. You’ll have a better time. I purposefully didn’t bother writing about CBS’ new remake of The Honeymooners. It’s not worth the effort, and it’s just part of a chain, starting with Hawaii Five-O, The Odd Couple, and MacGuyver, of shows that will be rehashed because they don’t take much effort and they make money off the nostalgia value. I’m, that as soon as they find a funny person named Lucie, we’ll have an I love Lucie remake as well. It’s easy to look at all the remakes, reboots, and retreads and lament the death of originality. Then, we get a steaming turd like this and realize why it happens. When this movie bombs at the box office, Dreamworks will look to “known properties” to help balance the earnings.