Reuters is reporting that the first batch of reviews on X-Men Origins: Wolverine have come in and they are universally bad. The movie, which we recently reported is actually the exact same as the workprint that was leaked a month ago will still probably rake in huge numbers at the box office, but if it is truly as bad as they say, it would be a bad start to a summer that is filled with blockbuster releases.

Here are some highlights:

“‘Wolverine’ is silly and typical, not in spite of but because it bonds an undeveloped family feud onto the main character’s renegade story,” – The New York Daily News.

“‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’ bears all the marks of a work for hire, conceived and executed with a big budget but little imagination.” – Variety

“a keen disappointment.” – Hollywood Reporter

“a clanky mess salvaged solely by Jackman’s charisma.” – The daily news

… Ouch.