No matter how bad last year’s attempt at making a Wonder Woman show might have been, you knew they couldn’t leave the character alone. Right now, DC Comics is sort of playing catch up. They may have had some great TV with Smallville and some great films with Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy, but they are up against a unified Marvel Universe that has raked in several billion dollars and is now set to take over TV with a new SHIELD show on ABC.

We already know that Warner Bros is going to try and create their own film universe around The Justice League. They are also diving hard back into TV with Arrow. Now it looks like they will be adding a second bullet to the chamber with an origin styled show about Wonder Woman, called AMAZON.

Vulture is reporting that the show is currently in development and is being written by comic and TV Veteran Allan Heinberg (The O.C., Grey’s Anatomy, Gilmore Girls). This isn’t his first go round with young heroes. He did worked on Young Avengers for Marvel. He also did some writing on JLA and on the Wonder Woman comic, so he already has a feel for the character.

The aim of the show is to give her the Smallville treatment. She’ll be a young and inexperienced hero who is learning as she goes. There’s no word on if this will tie into the Justice League show or not. First they have to overcome the last Wonder Woman TV show’s toughest challenge… creating a pilot episode that doesn’t suck.

Source: Collider