A few weeks ago, we showed you Joe Carnahan’s failed movie pitch for Daredevil. Now we’ve got a great new pitch reel for you today belonging to Kevin Tancharoen from when he pitched his take on the Hunger Games.

Depending on the director and the situation, these reels are either made entirely out of existing movie footage or could be made from scratch as a big gamble of an investment. When Tancharoen put his together, it was somewhere in the middle. I know that I recognized bits of everything from Lord Of The Rings and Batman Begins to Fifth Element and a bunch more in there… but he also created a lot of new footage and the CGI logo on his own dime.

Along with a completely different style than Gary Ross, it looks like he had some other ideas when it came to casting as well. He wantedZac Efron as Peeta, Jude Law as Cinna, Christoph Waltz as President Snow)

Can you imagine how different the film would have been if Kevin Tancharoen had gotten the job? Take a look and find out.

Source: Collider