There’s a lot happening behind the scenes on Josh Tranks Fantastic Four reboot. Michael B. Jordan is firmly in place as Johnny Storm/ The Human Torch for the film, but there are still three more roles to fill and screen testing is under way for all of them.

As previously reported, Miles Teller is still in the running for the role of Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic, but Kit Harrington is now also in the mix.

On the Sue Storm/ Invisible Woman side of things, Kate Mara is set to screen test for the role very soon, and she’ll now be joined by Shameless’s Emmy Rossum.

It is thankfully looking like the rumors about Josh Gad being up for the Role of Ben Grimm are a thing of the past as news reports only list “Christian Cooke“ as an actor who will be screen testing for the part.

In a very interesting twist via THR, there’s a chance that Doctor Doom, the main baddie in the film might be another major shift in continuity. According to the site, they say the studio isn’t rulling out switching genders for the role. This would be the second major change after casting Jordan, a black man for the role of Johnny Storm.

Source: Collider