While kids born after 1985 have probably never heard of it, The Last Starfighter is considered a classic by many. The 1984 film tells the tale of a teenage boy who, because of his exceptional skill at video games, is recruited by an intergalactic fleet, the Star League, to help defend the galaxy against the evil forces of Xur and his Kodan Aramada.

Now, 31 years later, the film is being adapted for television in a new series titled: The Starfighter Chronicles.

when the movie came out, it was one of the first films to really embrace CGI. Keeping in that spirit, the show plans to push the boundaries of tech, including plans to feature additional entertainment opportunities for fans with virtual reality headsets.

There’s not much known about the show right now, just that it will probably leave the old video game recruitment part of the story behind and focus on intergalactic law enforcement and the Star League.

Much as the original film was an early adopter of CGI technology, the new show is aiming to push the technological envelope and Surreal.tv’s cofounders Rick Rey and Andy Vick have quite a bit of prior experience trying to develop VR entertainment, so it will be interesting to see how “The Starfighter Chronicles” develop. Check back for updates as they become available.

Source: Comingsoon