In a recent interview with Paul Reubens (Pee-Wee Herman) who’s out promoting his new Broadway show, Reubens was asked if he’d want to work with Tim Burton again. In his response, he let slip that Burton has been planning a sequel to “The Nightmare Before Christmas” among other things.

According to Dread Central, “Reubens has replied that he’d like to, but Burton has so many projects happening right now, including Dark Shadows, it’s not likely. He went on to mention a few more projects, but the big reveal came when Reubens mentioned that Burton was also planning a sequel to The Nightmare Before Christmas.”

“A Nightmare before Christmas” has slowly transformed into a cult classic among not just Burton fans but fans of claymation, horror and more. Assuming Reubens isn’t just trolling and that Burton really is planning a sequel, then this is excellent news and will hopefully give merit to those rumors that’ve been in the wood works for quite a few years.

Although there’s no official confirmation about Burton working on a sequel, Reubens’ words are as good as gold in my book.

Source: Dread Central