The Saint is getting the reboot treatment again. Originally, The Saint/ Simon Templar made his debut in a series of 1920s novels by Leslie Charteris. In the 60s, the character hit its peak with a popular TV series that starred the eventual 007, Roger Moore. Then, in the 1990s, the property was rebooted for a second time with a film seeing Val Kilmer take on the role of Templar. Now a third reboot is in the works from the director of Rocketman and Wonder Woman/ Star Trek star, Chris Pine.

This isn’t the first major character Pine has rebooted in his career. He’s famously been both Capt. James T. Kirk and Jack Ryan. With Hollywood on lockdown, we have no idea when it is going to go into production or when it will hit the big screen. All we know right now is that the deal is done and the film is slated to happen.

In the meantime, here’s the opening credits to the classic TV show and the trailer to the Val Kilmer 90s films