James Cameron’s “Avatar” is currently being touted as the most hyped movie of the year, and while it unveiled with a boom last week coupled with “Avatar Day,” many cynics have pointed out that it looks awfully similar to last year’s full-length animated feature and box office disaster “Delgo.”

Movieline has pointed out these seven parallels:

Both films have heroic male leads who sprint through woodsy shadows in foreign lands
Both films feature tough but emotional female leads
Both films feature those female leads (among others) flying on the backs of winged reptilian beasts
Both films feature aircraft zooming through fields of massive floating rocks
Both films feature big, scary, fanged monsters of various types threatening their heroes
Both films feature alien warriors uncorking their fiercest battle cries
And both films feature all of the above as individual hurdles in the undying quest for love

While no one is saying “Avatar” is a blatant rip-off of “Delgo,” the similarities are there and there’s no denying it. Coincidence? Inspired? They both ripped off every generic RPG? Guess only time will tell.

Souce: Movieline, img.denihilation