The second half of AMC’s ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 2 starts in just a few days and everyone is waiting anxiously to see how the events at the barn will effect our favorite post-apocalyptic survivors. Now we’ve got some potential news that comes from a reliable forum where many of the posters are “allegedly” on the crew of the series.

The show has made no bones about changing things from the from the original comic book. The effect has been a great, alternate universe version that has not disappointed at all. Without those changes, we wouldn’t have Darryl or the heart stopping mid-season finale.

Now it looks like we are in for another change in how things go down in the series vs the comic. Check it out:

Shane does not make it through the season, essentially Lori puts into his head that if Rick wasn’t around they would still be together. This makes Shane change AGAIN, (he had finally made peace and Lori [frick]ed him up again). Anyway he decides to kill Rick and lures him into the forest chasing after someone you will meet in “Nebraska”. Of course Rick isn’t stupid he realizes nothing is adding up and tries to give Shane a chance to abandon his plans. Believe it or not Rick loves Shane like a brother, anyway he finally calls Shane on it and Shane basically tells him how Carl and Lori will get over his death. Shane has a gun pointed at Ricks face and seconds away from shooting, when Rick starts to negotiate his way out of it, all along pulling a knife out. Long story short he lunges at Shane and buries the knife in his chest….

SHANE COME’S BACK TO LIFE AS A ZOMBIE! – Carl shoots him, the whole thing is pretty [frick]ed up. All this causes Rick to slowly change into a Shane if you will, believe me the show is going somewhere so crazy that Shane’s death will not even be a burden, he served his purpose by helping Ricks character transform.

Source: CBM