Despite the disappointing season 3 finale, fans are still hoping that season 4 of The Walking Dead will be everything that we hope it will be. With Comic Con just around the corner, information about the new season is starting to trickle out.

First up, here’s what we know about the season premier:

1. The episode is titled “30 Days Without an Accident.”
2. It takes place a month after the season 3 finale.
3. The survivors stumble on a potential new home base, where the current residents are tracking the number of days since the last attack on a chalk board.

Now, here’s what TVline has just said about new characters that we can expect to see this year:
The show could just as easily wind up being too busy with new recurring characters like Laura, a single mom and ex-nurse who isn’t quite as strong as she first appears; Melody, a “just one of the guys” kinda gal in her 20s; and Don, who sounds like Hershel, if Hershel were crankier and two-legged.

Source: TVLINE