The Walking Dead season 3 begins October 14th, but today, AMC has just released the new four part web series, Cold Storage!

Official Synopsis:
“Cold Storage” tells the story of a young man, Chase (played by Josh Stewart), trying to reach his sister in the early days of the zombie apocalypse. He finds temporary shelter in a storage facility run by a former employee named BJ (played Daniel Roebuck); however, things are not what they appear.

Cast: Josh Stewart (The Dark Knight Rises)
BJ Roebuck (Lost)
Cerina Vincent (Cabin Fever)
Kelly and Chris Nelson (Kill Bill)

Here are the episodes:

Webisode 1 The Walking Dead, Cold Storage: Hide and Seek
Webisode, Season 3, Episode 1
Chase seeks refuge from a horde of walkers in an abandoned storage facility. However, he may not be the only survivor left there.

Webisode 2 The Walking Dead, Cold Storage: Keys to the Kingdom
Webisode, Season 3, Episode 2
B.J. gives Chase a tour of the storage facility. But despite his affable demeanor, B.J. may be hiding a dark secret.

Webisode 3 The Walking Dead, Cold Storage: The Chosen Ones
Webisode, Season 3, Episode 3
In order to keep the electricity flowing, Chase must venture into the darkness to help B.J. reset the generators.

Webisode 4 The Walking Dead, Cold Storage: Parting Shots
Webisode, Season 3, Episode 4
Chase discovers B.J.’s dark secret. While attempting to escape, Chase is confronted by B.J. and the two engage in a final standoff.