Eight years after “The Ring” premiered and rejuvenated mainstream American horror, Paramount Pictures has announced that a third installment is coming and will be filmed in 3D.

“The Ring,” a remake of the original 1998 Japanese film “Ringu,” told the story of the cursed videotape (who watches videotapes now a days?!) containing the demonic child Samara which would kill anyone who watches it after seven days.

No plot detail has been revealed for the third act, or whether or not Samara would return since being “defeated” in “Ring 2” by having the curse ended. What we do know is that the third installment will be called “Ring 3D” and is set to be written by new and upcoming horror star David Loucka.

Paramount is hoping to revive the franchise and according to HeatVision, the new film is said to be more teen-centric than the previous two. This doesn’t particularly bold well for my liking as the original “Ringu” and “The Ring” were very serious horrors. To make it teen-centric is to essentially place it into a certain camp category which is what effectively destroyed the horror genre in America.

Source: HeatVision