The only thing better than having the next two days off is knowing that you have the week’s zombie news recap to read. Well… I’ll forgive you if the news comes second. You won’t forgive yourself, however, if you don’t take advantage of the many contests currently active over at Zombies & Toys. Even though you can only enter each contest once, it is possible to win more than one. Besides several items still being given away through The Undead Bazaar, we are giving away several sets of zombie target posters, a hard-back copy of World War Z, a T-Shirt from Fright Rags, and a metal zombie survival program sign.

Zombie news started with buzz this week in the form of a press release invitation. PopCap Games sent members of the press a “save the date” that featured one of their plant-hating stars. The message was simply an announcement that on August 2nd, we can expect some news at the San Francisco press conference. The zombie hand holding a piece of paper with the number “2” has fans of Plants vs. Zombies in high hopes that the second installment will be released soon. The other guess is that it could be the official announcement of the game’s availability on Xbox Live.

If you’re not excited about this news then you obviously have not played Plants vs. Zombies. The simple yet highly-addictive game was released last year and was an instant hit. The flash version of the game is available to play for free on PopCap’s site to give you a taste. There is also a feature that allows you to create your own “zombatar” image to be used on forums or Facebook.

A car full of zombies flipped their car on Friday, July 9th in Portland. Onlookers and rescue teams were shocked and concerned for the five occupants dressed as zombies who appeared to be seriously injured. Unaware of the severity, rescue workers rushed the zombies to an area hospital where it was discovered that they suffered only minor injuries.
While the five victims were simply heading to a costume party, their attire did make it difficult for rescue teams who could not determine the severity of the injuries.

“We’re glad that everyone is alive, despite being ‘undead,'” Sgt. Greg Stewart told local

AMC has released the first official cast photo from the highly-anticipated series, The Walking Dead. Pictured, from left, are Emma Bell (“Frozen”) as Amy, Jon Bernthal (“The Pacific,” “The Ghost Writer”) as Shane, Steven Yeun as Glenn, Sarah Wayne Callies (“Prison Break”) as Rick’s wife Lori, Chandler Riggs (“Get Low”) as Carl, Andrew Lincoln (“Love, Actually,” “Teachers”) as police officer Rick Grimes, Jeffrey DeMunn (“The Green Mile”) as Dale and Laurie Holden (“Shield”) as his girlfriend Andrea.

We learned last week about the European edition of Dead Rising 2 and the zombie toy it comes with. Well, for $80, those of us stateside now know what we can expect. A two-disc steelbook case, a Zombrex syringe pen, prescription notepad, prospectus sales brochure, safety card and a 48-page hardback Dead Rising 2 art book. The PlayStation 3 version comes with a Blu-Ray disc featuring a high definition making-of movie and a voucher for a downloadable XMB theme. Xbox 360 owners will receive the same making-of movie on DVD plus an 83-minute Zombrex Dead Rising Sun movie which is directed by Mega-Man creator Keiji Inafune.
That wraps up the highlights of the week’s latest news of the undead. For more details of these and other happenings, make sure to direct your browser to Zombies & Toys. And remember, when the horde attacks, keep your head and aim for theirs.