We’re back after taking last week off to allow you to soak up the glory that is the San Diego Comic Con. Grab your eye drops as I’m sure your eyes are dry and irritated from reading about all of the news the San Diego Comic Con brought us. And, yes, the con was able to bring us some exciting news about the undead!

Where to start, The Walking Dead or World War Z? Let’s go with World War Z. Especially since we have been waiting months for some news. Author, Max Brooks, announced that Paramount has optioned the rights to the film adaptation from Brad Pitt’s production company. Pitt, who originally purchased the rights in 2007, is now said to be starring in the film adaptation!

With Pitt involved, we will hopefully see things moving forward at a quicker pace. In fact, we may even be looking at a summer 2012 release. This will give us a full year to watch episodes of The Walking Dead over and over.

Speaking of The Walking Dead, of course AMC left marks at SDCC. Their booth was set to look like a scene from the comic and series. There was even an area where you can digitally convert yourself into a zombie. Speaking of zombies, AMC had 10 extras wandering around the con dressed as the undead.

AMC has also posted an animated video of The Walking Dead comic. At a little over eight minutes, the video is just long enough to leave you wanting more.

If you have ever wondered what you would look like as a zombie, Zombies & Toys is offering something new in the Zombie Toy Store . We are teaming up with artist, Phil Hynes, to provide custom sculpted magnets of YOU as a zombie. Perfect for yourself or the zombie fan in your life! After purchasing the magnet, you email a few pics of you or the one you love along with a description of the zombification process you would like. You will receive your custom sculpture in four to six weeks. Head over to Zombies & Toys http://zombiesandtoys.blogspot.com/2010/07/custom-zombie-magnets-available.html for full details.

We were also able to bring you a review of Sideshow Collectibles’ second Premium Format offering of The Dead. This ¼ scale figure is a massive hunk of grotesquely-rotting flesh. For those of you who require even more rot in your zombie, there is an alternative head available for the exclusive edition. This exclusive version contains a second head that has significantly less skin and significantly more gore. Shockingly, at the time of this post, there were still some exclusive version left. Head over to Zombies & Toys for a full review as well as more pictures.

We also heard an official announcement from PopCap Games about Plants vs Zombies. We will be seeing the game’s availability on Xbox Live in early September. We were also treated to the knowledge that it will be worth the 1200 Microsoft Points. With 12 achievements, high def graphics, and even online co-op play, this game is a must!

More recently, PopCap Games released a statement regarding the request to remove one of their zombie characters from the game. The “Dancing Zombie” wears one glittery glove and a red with black trim suit. So it should be no surprise that the estate of Michael Jackson requested that PopCap remove this zombie from its game. A PopCap Games representative had this to say:

“After receiving this objection, PopCap made a business decision to retire the original ‘dancing zombie’ and replace it with a different ‘dancing zombie’ character for future builds of Plants vs. Zombies on all platforms.”

Watercooler Productions recently made available their zombie short, Chemical 12-D. Written and directed by Mac Elridge, Chemical 12-D is going to make its international premier at Fantasia Film Fest. The film was previously only available on DVD. But to celebrate its international premier, it can be enjoyed by everyone on YouTube. It’s definitely worth your time.

To get your fill of zombies throughout the week, remember to stop by Zombies & Toys. As a reminder, we have several contests concluding this weekend so enter while you still have a chance! Then, wait a few days and enter the contests we have for August! So, until next week, remember to always keep your head and aim for theirs.