This weekend, Zombies & Toys will be at the Horror Realm convention in Pittsburgh, PA. As if seeing us isn’t enough to justify the cost of admission, you can also take advantage of a ton of events including a zombie dance, a horror-themed tattoo contest, actor and author panels, movie screenings and more. Swing by our booth and mention YBMW and we’ll give you some free swag to take home!

Can anything top the excitement of visiting us at a horror convention? Well how about winning a free copy of Dead Rising 2? Wookie readers should already know this but it definitely needs mentioned with the week’s zombie news. But, you can enter to win a copy of this highly-anticipated sequel by visiting the YBMW contest page.

Working to not be lost in Dead Rising’s shadow is Left 4 Dead. This week, valve launched the first of 4 digital comic books. There will be a new issue released each Tuesday and tells the story leading up to the latest downloadable content being released in October. “The Sacrifice” will allow us to play out the events that led to the last DLC, “The Passing”. And you thought Left 4 Dead was just about shooting zombies.

While we’re on the subject of zombie games, we learned this week of a zombie game that is dead and will not be rising. Division 9 was supposed to be released for both the Xbox and PC and was a mix of zombie shoot ‘em up and strategy. The zombies followed the Romero rules of movement and were the slow, lumbering type.

We were also able to give you a few reviews this week. The zombie film, La Horde, once again proves that the French know horror. Full of action and gore, it is definitely one not to be missed. Our book review this week was for the newly released novel, Night of the Living Trekkies. Is the story of a man working at a hotel hosting a Star Trek convention when a zombie virus infects everyone worth reading? Read the review.

Finally, we presented an animated short from the MAD TV series. Zombi: Fawn of the Dead is the story of cute Bambi and her zombie mom.

Swing by next week for your fill of zombie goodness. Better yet, swing by our booth at Horror Realm and say “Hi”!