We aren’t sure if he had authorization to spill the beans, but Thor: Love and Thunder star Russell Crowe did exactly that while talking to a local radio show in Australia. In the clip of his call in to local Aussie radio station Joy 94.9 (which has already been pulled down from the internet), Crowe tells the hosts what his day will be:

“I’m going to get on my bicycle. I’m going to ride up to Disney/Fox Studios and round about 9:15, I shall be Zeus! It’s for Thor. It’s my last day of Zeusing about and I’m going to enjoy it!”

Now, given that the clip has already been pulled from the internet, we have to imagine that Russel spoke out of turn and will probably get a little bit of a smack on the wrist from Disney executives. In the meantime, knowing that he’ll be Zeus says a lot for the upcoming Thor sequel.

In the comics, Zeus is the head of the Olympians, which connects him to Hercules, a character who has been in the Avengers in the comics books. It also ties this film to the Eternals and to bad blood between the god and Odin who battled when Olympus and Asgard went to war.

It will be interesting to see if this is a one-off appearance, or the start of a larger mythological standing within the MCU.