We’re still a bit on the fence in regards to the new ‘Thundercats’ reboot, but the newest announcement of the voice cast is definitely a step in the right direction.

Taking on the role of Panthro will be ‘Cleavland Show’ alum, Kevin Michael Richardson, but the big news is Lion-O.

Lion-O will be played by Will Friedle. If you don’t recognize the name he’s got a great list of hits behind him. Not only was he the big brother on “Boy vs World”, but he was also the voice of Terry McGuinness – AKA Batman Beyond, and more recently, he was the voice of The Blue Beetle on Brave and the Bold.

Larry Kenney, the original Lion-O, will be coming back to play the voice of Claudius, Lion-O’s (and apparently Tygra’s) Father.

Source: MTV