“The Dark Knight Rises” doesn’t open until July 20th, but tickets for midnight showings are not only on sale, but already selling out in selected cities.

Entertainment Weekly reports that anxious fans can purchase admission to “The Dark Knight Rises'” midnight opening on July 19 in IMAX theaters in San Francisco and Los Angeles using movie ticket e-retailer Fandango.

Unfortunately for those living in the New York, it might already be too late at the New York midnight IMAX showings have all already sold out.

According to a Fandango rep it’s not unusual of for tickets to go on sale so far in advance, especially for a popular and much anticipated movie. Although this is earlier even than “Avatar’s” pre-sale, which began four months before it was released in December of 2009.

There’s no doubt the suits at Warner Bros. are already salivating with high hopes that the final chapter in Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight saga will not just match but out do “The Dark Knight,” which holds the No 2. spot for best opening weekend thanks to the $158 million it brought in at the box office in 2008.

Source: CNN