Dazzler, Tigra, Hit-Monkey, and M.O.D.O.K.

While Disney+ seems to be moving forward smoothly with its new Marvel and Star Wars series, things have been a little rougher over at sister streamer, Hulu. It was already announced that the new Ghostrider series was canned over creative differences. Now Deadline is reporting that animated series Tigra & Dazzler has just lost its showrunner, Erica Rivinoja, over creative differences.

As previously announced the Tigra and Dazzler show would focus on ” two “woke superheroes” and best friends.” In a lot of ways, it sounds like it really wants to be a clone of the new Harley Quinn animated series. Either way, we have trouble seeing audiences rushing towards a cartoon about ‘woke’ anything unless it’s a parody. The parody part is less likely given that Chelsea Handler, a comedian known for rustling feathers with her own wokeness is still producing the new series.

The challenge for Marvel and Hulu is that they can’t really afford much of a delay. This isn’t a show that exists in a vacuum. When it was first announced, it was described as being part of a shared universe with other upcoming animated series Howard the Duck, Hit Monkey, and M.O.D.O.K. Much like the Netflix Marvel Universe, these four shows were supposed to eventually come together for a big crossover event.

Was the current level of writing too woke, not woke enough, or just not very good. We’ll probably never know. We just hope that the show they eventually give us is funny and entertaining above all else.