Tim Burton’s strangely twisted “Alice in Wonderland” won’t be out until March 5, but the latest buzz is that he may already have his sights on yet another Disney fairy tale.

Reports are circulating that Burton is interested in adapting Disney’s “Sleeping Beauty.” However, it wouldn’t be from the point of view of the “princess” but rather from Maleficent, the “mistress of all evil” who is the movie’s antagonist as well as in the Kingdom Hearts video game series.

The movie also wouldn’t be called “Sleeping Beauty,” but “Maleficent.” The likely hood of this project being greenlite is 50-50 as of now, but it’s worth noting that Disney has already in fact registered the domain name maleficentmovie.com.

Although “Maleficent” is the latest Burton rumored project, there are two others that might occur first. Such as his stop-motion, feature lengeth version of his own 1984 short film “Frankenweenie” and “Dark Shadows,” a story based on the 1960’s TV show which would star Johnny Depp.

Source: Collider