The clock is ticking closer and closer to the return of AMC’s ‘The Walking Dead’ on September 12th. In the meantime, AMC has now released the titles and synopses to the five final episodes of season 2.

As you can imagine, things are going to go downhill pretty quick after the events at the barn. Sadly, we still have not real official word on Micchone.

Episode 2.09 – Triggerfinger
Rick, Hershel and Glen are trapped and fight to survive; Shane finds Lori in danger.

Episode 2.10 – 18 Miles Out
Rick and Shane are in conflict over the fate of an outsider; Andrea helps Hershel’s daughter face a crucial decision.

Episode 2.11 – Judge, Jury, Executioner
Rick sides with Shane causing Dale to worry that the group is losing its humanity; Carl’s actions have unintended consequences.

Episode 2.12 – Better Angels
Someone dangerous may be loose near the farm; Rick, Shane, Daryl and Glenn keep the group safe.

Episode 2.13 – Beside the Dying Fire
Rick and Carl find the farm in jeopardy; the group is split up in the chaos; Rick’s leadership is questioned.

Source: Spoilertv