Warner Bros. hates my childhood. In fact, they hate it so much that they want to take one of the very last kids shows that I used to watch that hasn’t been messed with lately and crap it on to the big screen with cgi graphics and a politically correct storyline that makes me sad and nauseous at the same time.

Studio-based Dan Lin, currently producing the upcoming “Sherlock Holmes” and exec producer on “Terminator: Salvation,” will adapt the classic Hanna-Barbera property as an origin story that reveals how Tom and Jerry first meet and form their rivalry before getting lost in Chicago and reluctantly working together during an arduous journey home.

That’s not how Tom and Jerry are supposed to work. That’s just drivel. Now I understand how schools get away with having games like tug of peace. I swear to God, we are turning into a nation of French people.

If you still have a little bit of hope in your heart about other cartoons you might have loved, for get about it. The Jetsons and Yogi Bear are also in production.

Source Variety