Deadline Hollywood is reporting that Tom Cruise and Clint Eastwood have begun talks around Eastwood’s new remake of A Star Is Born. Right now he’s busy shooting Joseph Kosinski’s ‘Oblivion’, but this wouldn’t be Cruise’s first turn in a musical. He has already finished wrapping up filming the screen adaptation “Rock Of Ages” where he plays an aging rock icon.

In A Star is Born, he’ll be playing the role that was played by Chris Cristophersson in the last version of the film. Beyonce is slated to take the role that was most recently played by Barbara Streisand.

Cruise is also not the first name to come up for the role. Before him, there had been talk of Will Smith, Christian Bale, Eminem and Russel Crowe.

Just for history’s sake, this would be the third go for ‘A Star is Born’. The first version was done in 1954 and starred Judy Garland and James Mason.

Source: Deadline