If you are a fan of Tim and Eric, then this is a movie you are definitely going to want to check out. Tim Heidecker has a new mockumentary on the way called Mister America. In the new film, he plays a fictionalized version of himself who has been acquitted of murder and is now running for the position of District Attorney out of revenge against the current DA.

As absurd as the concept of the film is, it seems almost plausible in the current world we find ourselves in. This feels like a perfect film for anyone who has enjoyed Hiedecker’s previous work or people who like the mockumentaries of Christopher Guest.

A freshman filmmaker follows Tim Heidecker during the final month of his campaign for district attorney. What begins as a profile of an outsider candidate facing an uphill battle evolves into a study of toxic delusion as Tim’s motivations and controversial past begin to unravel his candidacy. Taking on a popular incumbent has found Tim and his inexperienced campaign manager outmatched. Low on funds, experience, and connections, Tim hits the streets in an attempt to connect with voters but has difficulty winning over the community. With word of his campaign spreading, former associates of Tim try to warn the public with stories of bad business deals, strained friendships and a failed court case in which he found himself accused of murder. With days until the election and his campaign in free-fall, Tim has to confront the unexpected costs of pursuing his dream.