This isn’t a huge news item, but it’s still great to hear. THR just made the announcement a couple hours ago that the pair would be coming back to join director Joseph Kosinski on the last leg of the Tron Saga. Now, we just need to get Jeff Bridges locked down and all will be good with the world.

I know that Tron Legacy has it’s weak spots, but it wasn’t the disaster that many like to claim. Kosinski has had a chance to mature and hone his story telling skills (hopefully), which should lead to a stronger narrative. Meanwhile, we know we can count on him for a stunningly beautiful film.

At the end of the last film Sam and Quorra escape from the grid – the first time that’s ever been done for a program like Quorra. This sets up the possibility for Clu to make good on his dream of invading the users’ realm.

Right now, there’s no real details on the third Tron film other than it will start filming this fall in Vancouver and it will allegedly be called: Tron: Ascending or Ascension.

Personally, I’m really hoping that they hold another ARG for the film this time around. The ARG from Tron Legacy was some of the most brilliant movie marketing I’ve ever experienced.

THR is now reporting that TRON Legacy stars Garrett Hedlund and Olivia Wilde are returning to play Sam Flynn and Quorra respectively. For those who don’t remember (and I completely understand if that’s the case), Sam is the son of Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges) and Quorra was an ISO, a naturally occurring algorithm from inside the Grid. At the end of the film, Sam and Quorra leave the grid, and the film reaches its most interesting moment, which is that something from the Grid can enter our world.

We’re hearing that the plot will involve more entities leaving the Grid and coming into the real world, and that’s where the “Ascension” part of the rumored title comes from. They are “ascending” into our plane of existence where they will discover that our bikes are less shiny, our clothes aren’t skin tight, and information is not stored on Frisbees.