Was Tron: Legacy a perfect movie? Not even remotely. However, it was excellent world-building and a really fun second chapter for a fan-favorite franchise. For a few years now, there’s been talk of bringing in Jared Leto to star in a third chapter of Tron under the title Tron: Ares, and now it looks like Leto is going to get his wish because the movie has been greenlit over at Disney.

Tron: Ares has been floating around since 2017 when Leto was first attached to it. Since then, he’s managed to give us really awful renditions of both The Joker and Marvel’s own Morbius. So, the idea of trusting another franchise to the Thirty Seconds To Mars frontman makes us more than a little nervous.

Add to that, Joseph Kosinski, the director of Tron: Legacy and more recently, Top Gun: Maverick is out and he’s being replaced with Garth Davis or Joachim Rønning. That’s not to say Davis isn’t a good director. He was nominated for six Oscars in 1016 for his film, Lion. However, his style tends to lean more towards smaller, character-driven stories while Ares appears to be setting us up for an all-out war between the real world and The Grid. Rønning, however, is best known for Maleficent: Mistress of Evil and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. Neither of those movies has a RT score of over 35%

As huge fans of the Tron franchise, we’re very worried.