This morning, Netflix dropped their 2023 Save The Date Trailer for the films they have slated to drop on the streaming platform this year and it looks like we are in for something epic. Along with the first actual footage from Zack Snyder’s Rebel Moon, the teaser also has a first look at Chris Hemsworth’s Extraction 2, Damsel starring Millie Bobby Brown and Angela Bassett, You People starring Jonah Hill and Eddie Murphy, and a ton more. Check it out below.

You People – January 27th

Follows a new couple and their families, who find themselves examining modern love and family dynamics amidst clashing cultures, societal expectations and generational differences. Starring Jonah Hill, Eddie Murphy, Nia Long, Lauren London, Juilia-Louise Dreyfus, and David Duchovny.

Your Place or Mine – February 10th

Two long-distance best friends change each other’s lives when she decides to pursue a lifelong dream and he volunteers to keep an eye on her teenage son. Starring Reese Witherspoon, Ashton Kutcher, Rachel Bloom, Jesse Williams, and Tig Notaro.

Luther: The Fallen Sun – March 10th

Brilliant but disgraced detective John Luther breaks out of prison to catch a serial killer who is terrorizing London. Starring Idris Elba and Andy Serkis

Murder Mystery 2 – March 31st

This follow-up to the 2019 Netflix Hit, Murder Mystery stars Adam Sandler, Jennifer Aniston, and Mark Strong.

The Mother – May 12th

While fleeing from dangerous assailants, an assassin comes out of hiding to protect her daughter she left earlier in life. Starring Jennifer Lopez and Joseph Fiennes

Extraction 2 – June 16th

Sequel to the 2020 action thriller ‘Extraction’. Starring Chris Hemsworth and Golshifteh Farahani

They Cloned Tyrone – July 21st

A series of eerie events thrusts an unlikely trio onto the trail of a nefarious government experiment in this pulpy mystery caper. Starring John Boyega, Teyonah Parris and Jamie Foxx.

Heart of Stone – August 11th

American spy action thriller film directed by Tom Harper from a screenplay by Greg Rucka and Allison Schroeder and a story by Rucka. Starring Gal Gadot, Jamie Dornan, and Alia Bhatt.

Lift – August 25th

Hart will play a master thief who is wooed by his ex-girlfriend and the FBI to pull off an impossible heist with his international crew on a 777 flying from London to Zurich. Starring Kevin Hart, Gugu Mbatha-Raw,
Vincent D’Onofrio, Billy Magnussen, Jean Reno, Sam Worthington, Burn Gorman.

Damsel – October 13th

In this new fantasy film, a young woman who thinks she is being married to a perfect prince is thrown into a pit where she discovers she’s not going to be a princess after all, but a sacrifice to appease a bloodthirsty dragon. Trying to survive long enough until someone can save her — she soon realizes that no one is coming and this “damsel” must save herself. Starring Millie Bobby Brown, Angela Bassett, Robin Wright, Ray Winstone.

Pain Hustlers – October 27th

Upon losing her job, a blue-collar woman struggling to raise her daughter takes a job at a failing pharmaceutical start-up, only to get involved in a dangerous racketeering scheme. Starring Emily Blunt,
Chris Evans, Andy Garcia, Catherine O’Hara, Jay Duplass, Brian d’Arcy James, Chloe Coleman.

The Killer – November 10th

Directed by David Fincher. After a fateful near-miss, an assassin battles his employers, and himself, on an international manhunt he insists isn’t personal. Starring Michael Fassbender, Charles Parnell, Arliss Howard, Sophie Charlotte and Tilda Swinton star.

A family Affair – November 17th

An unexpected romance triggers comic consequences for a young woman, her mother, and her boss, grappling with the complications of love, sex, and identity. Starring Nicole Kidman, Zac Efron, Joey King, Kathy Bates, and Liza Koshy.

Leo – November 22nd

Jaded 74-year-old lizard Leo has been stuck in the same Florida classroom for decades with his terrarium-mate turtle. When he learns he only has one year left to live, he plans to escape to experience life on the outside, but instead gets caught up in the problems of his anxious students – including an impossibly mean substitute teacher. It ends up being the strangest but most rewarding bucket list ever. Starring Adam Sandler, Bill Burr. Cecily Strong, Jason Alexander, Rob Schneider, Sadie Sandler, Sunny Sandler,
Jackie Sandler, Heidi Gardner, Nick Swardson, Nicholas Turturro, Robert Smigel, Jo Koy.

Leave the World Behind – December 8th

A family vacation on Long Island is interrupted by two strangers bearing news of a mysterious blackout. As the threat grows more imminent, both families must decide how best to survive the potential crisis, all while grappling with their own place in this collapsing world. Starring Julia Roberts, Mahershala Ali, Ethan Hawke, Myha’la,  Farrah Mackenzie, Charlie Evans, and Kevin Bacon. The film as produced by Barack and Michelle Obama.

Rebel Moon – December 22

When a peaceful colony on the edge of the galaxy finds itself threatened by the armies of the tyrannical Regent Balisarius, they dispatch a young woman with a mysterious past named Kora to seek out warriors from neighboring planets to help them take a stand. Starring Sofia Boutella, Djimon Hounsou, Ed Skrein, Michiel Huisman, Bae Doona, Ray Fisher, Charlie Hunnam, Anthony Hopkins as the voice of Jimmy, Cary Elwes, Corey Stoll, Jena Malone, Fra Fee, Cleopatra Coleman, Alfonso Herrera, Stuart Martin, Staz Nair, Sky Yang, Rhian Rees, E. Duffy and Charlotte Maggi.