From Werewolf to the Man of Steel? It could be for “True Blood” star Joe Manganiello who plays Alcide Herveaux on HBO’s “True Blood.” Rumor has it that Manganiello is a possible frontrunner for Zack Snyder’s upcoming WB epic “Superman: Man of Steel.”

Manganiello has denied it in the past, but new news has apparently surfaced that leads Geoff Boucher of LA Time Hero Complex to speculate that he may be on Snyder’s shortlist.

If Manganiello were to land the coveted role, it would not be his first time starring in a comic book movie. He played Flash Thompson in Sony’s 2003 “Spider-Man 3.”

I haven’t seen much of Manganiello’s acting chop and I honestly can’t say I even remember him as Flash in “Spider-Man 3,” but he does have the look. What do you guys think of Manganiello as Superman?

Source: Blastr