Another week, another box office and this time there was actually a little bit of a surprise in the movie totals. With all the hype that Hangover has gotten over the last couple weeks, everyone was sure that it would be the hands down winner. Well, not so much, but it was pretty close. Disney/Pixar’s Up edged out Hangover by just about one million dollars. That said, you can’t really call a $43 million opening weekend a disappointment. However, you can call a $19 million dollar opening a disappointment. ya… I’m talking to you Land of the Lost.

1 Up $44,244,000
2 The Hangover $43,275,000
3 Land of the Lost $19,524,000
4 Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian $14,650,000
5 Star Trek $8,400,000
6 Terminator Salvation $8,175,000
7 Drag Me to Hell $7,342,000
8 Angels & Demons $6,500,000
9 My Life in Ruins $3,225,000
10 Dance Flick $2,000,000