“Sesame Street” has reluctantly pulled their recent Elmo and Katy Perry “Hot N’ Cold” music video spoof after receiving complaints.

The children’s show says in a statement Thursday that in light of the “feedback we’ve received” they won’t be including the segment on the actual show. And while it was still available on YouTube, it has since been removed by the official Sesame Street YouTube channel.

Perry who’s known for her risque outfits can be seen in a low cut gold bustier while she sang a remix of her smash hit “Hot N Cold.” While her cleavage may be heavenly to many, it was also deemed too revealing for the kid set.

A rep for Perry said Thursday that Perry enjoyed her time with Sesame Street and Elmo, and pointed out that the clip is still online on her website.

If you missed the video the other day, you can watch it here.

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  1. Let me give a giant boo. Sesame Street has been on a serious downhill slide since Elmo hit the scene… maybe a little cleavage is just what “The Street” needs.

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