“Kick-Ass'” Matthew Vaughn was recently brought on board to direct “X-Men: First Class,” and now another “Kick-Ass” talent has join. Jane Goldman who co-wrote “Kick-Ass” will now re-write “First Class”

Although there’s no official statement from Marvel, the cat was let out of the bag by Goldman’s husband, television/radio presenter and writer Jonathan Ross who tweeted: “The wife is away writing X Men 4.”

No other detail is known at the moment if it’d be a solo job or if she’d again be co-writing with Vaughn or perhaps maybe even working with Bryan Singer’s version, which originally was adapted by screenwriter Jamie Moss. Singer’s take centered predominately between the complicated friendship between Charles Xavier and Magento. Whereas the new script has them more as a secondary storyline, with the primary story focusing on the earlier days of mutants Cyclops, Jean Grey and other X-Men.

So far “X-Men: First Class” has been a complete logistical mess with changes after changes. But hopefully with Goldman on board she can help right ship and the team can get to work to make one of the best prequels we’ll ever see.

Source: Collider