Paul Deteh is a lot of things. He’s an accomplished violinist and singer, he slices, he dices and we’re pretty sure that he makes a perfect tiramisu while you wait. Most importantly for us here at YBMW is that he’s an internet sensation or as they are apparently calling them… cewebrities… ack, I actually puked a little in my own mouth when I typed that.

Anyways, the dude is sharp. Check out this amazing vid he just put together where he takes his violin and vocal styling to some top 40 hits including Lady Gaga’s “Telephone,” Ke$ha’s “blah blah blah,”
Rihanna’s “rude boy” and Usher’s “OMG.”

But wait, there’s more. This guy was so cool that we couldn’t just stop at one video so we dropped a few more great selections for you to take a gander at even though you probably should be working right now…