I’m still not sure why Venom was such a big hit. Upgrade is a much better film, the story is almost identical (AI instead of Symbiote) and even the stars are nearly identical (Tom Hardy and Logan Marshall-Green). Still, the movie has made $855 million in the global box office, 75% of which comes from foreign and more coming from China ($272 Mil) than from the US ($213 Mil). That means the sequel is coming and we are all going to get to see more of Woody Harrelson in that ridiculous red wig. One thing we won’t be seeing is Reuben Fleischer returning behind the camera for the sequel.

It has long been suspected that Reuben Fleischer wouldn’t be returning for another chapter of the Venom Saga. There had been rumors during the production of the movie that he had several clashes with the studio over the film. Today, several outlets are reporting that it has been confirmed that Fleischer is out and the hunt is on for a new director. There are no hints on a short list or anything like that, but we’ll keep you posted as soon as there is some sort of announcement.