Simon Pegg and Robert Weide are asking fans not to buy How To Lose Friends And Influence People on DVD in America. This seems like a pretty odd request seeing as the movie will probably do better on DVD than it did in the theaters, but they actually have a valid reason.

Here’s what they had to say:
“In any movie, there are a number of scenes that get cut in an effort to keep the film from running too long. Some are of little consequence, but others are important scenes that are very painful to lose. In this instance, there were a few scenes that I fought hard to keep, but eventually acquiesced with the knowledge that at least they’d be available on the DVD. Well, not so in the U.S,” says Weide in an official press release. “Simon and I worked very hard to make sure the DVD would be packed with bonus material. The British distributors (Paramount) solicited our input and included all of the extras. Sadly, the American distributors (MGM/Fox) locked us out of the process and managed to leave off most of the bonus material.”

This sounds like someone screwed up here. Thankfully, there’s a lot of good multi-region DVD players out there like the very affordable Philips DVP series. I picked one up for around $40.00 and its been great for 3 years now. Get one of these and you’ll be able to pick up all your favorite films without having to deal with the crap that American Studios make you put up.

First on your list should be the Foreign release of The Professional. Its longer and has a bunch of really important scenes that were left out of the original version. It goes by the name: Leon.

Source: Slashfilm