I love Voltron. The real one with the lions, not that messed up abomination with 16 cars or whatever it was. I watched it as a kid. I played with the toys, and I watch the new Netflix series as an adult. Now, I’m just finding out that Universal is planning a live action Voltron film and a cold shudder has run up the back of my neck.

In my dreams, would I love a great, live action Voltron film? Hells yeah! Can I imagine it being much different than the Boy band Power Rangers reboot we’ve recently seen trailers for? Hells no.

Right now, details are slim. David Hayter is writing the film. He’s got genre experience writing films like X-Men, X2, and Watchmen. I can’t really blame him for Watchmen, that’s all Snyder. Also, given that Universal has some Giant Robo experience, thanks to Guillermo Del Toro and Pacific Rim, gives me a small sigh of relief. We’ll see just how big a sigh when the sequel, Pacific Rim: Maelstrom comes out.

I want to feel excitement. I”m choosing to feel excitement. I’m trying not to feel fear.

Source: Deadline