Food trends have a habit of ruining family get togethers. There’s a good chance that at least one of you is going to come face to face with rainbow mashed Potatoes. If this happens. Keep Calm, slap the host across the face, and go home. One of the newest Pinterest ideas that wants to ruin your Thanksgiving dinner is the bikini Turkey.

Essentially, this is just a normal turkey, but with one exception. The cook places a tin foil bikini on the bird’s body to create the look of tan lines. Sure, it’s funny for a half a second, until you find out you are the one getting the limp, slimy skin on your plate instead of the crispy awesomeness that you deserve.

If you are hosting a dinner and you are planning this. Just don’t. Have some pride in the meal you are preparing. Have some shame in the sadness you’ll be creating.

If you are a guest and you are presented with a turkey like this, consider following the instructions laid out for rainbow mashed potatoes. Slap the host right across their damn fool mouth, and nope the hell out of there. You deserve better.


Source: Popsugar