With “The Walking Dead” rebooting for a new second season, rumors are swirling that producer Charles “Chic” Eglee (Dexter, The Shield) is hoping to adapt the much acclaimed “Powers” comic book series for FX.

Dread Central is reporting that Eglee is currently in discussion with FX to bring Brian Michael Bendis’ superhero police drama “Powers” to life. Back in February FX had shown interest in adapting “Powers” which follows the lives of ex-superhero Christian Walker and Deena Pilgrim. Two homicide detectives who investigate cases involving “powers” aka super humans.

If this actually come to fruition, and as a huge fan of both “The Walking Dead” and “Powers,” I have to say that “Powers” will be even better than “The Walking Dead” and what NBC’s “Heroes” should have been.

More to come as this progresses.

Source: Dreadcentral