With ‘The Muppets’ just a couple days away from release and Jason Segel hosting Saturday Night Live, you had to know that Kermit and the gang would be edging their way back on to the SNL Stage. Back? Ya, just in case you didn’t know, Muppets have been a part of SNL since 1975.

Anyways, when they popped up on stage with Jason Segel, the crowd went wild at the thought of a Muppet hosted SNL episode. Sadly, that did not happen. However, the Muppets were still great in all of their appearances. After a very funny opening music number with Segel during his monologue, Kermit popped up in the weekend update where he slid a pig joke into their share “Really” segment.

A really nice bonus was the very end. When Segel comes out and thanks everyone, Muppeteers and their Muppets were right there on stage with the rest of the cast.

They only showed up for a minute in this segment, but if you wait until the end you can see Gonzo, Rowlf and Paul Rudd.